For beginners, let’s start with the Basic level projects! You can make your own pieces of DIY glass beads jewelries, i.e. earrings, bracelets and necklaces in a quick and easy way! (Continuously updated…)

Floral Mosaic (Level: 1)

Beads: Forget-me-not

Little Flower (Level: 1)

Beads: Candy, Rocailles, Tee

Braid (Level: 1)

Beads: Rola, Rocailles

Little Flower (Level: 1)

Beads: Hill, Rocailles

Linked-rings (Level: 2)

Beads: Candy, Rocailles

Windmill (Level: 2)

Beads: Bow, Pellet, Rocailles

Butterfly Necklace (Level: 2)

Beads: Solo, Twins, Rocailles

Creole (Level: 2)

Beads: Candy, Rocailles

Forget Me Not (Level: 2)

Beads: Forget-me-not, Rocailles

Mossy Cushion (Level: 2)

Beads: Candy, Rocailles

Glittering Stars (Level: 2)

Beads: Farfalle

Summer Flower (Level: 2)

Beads: Twins, Rocailles